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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an well-known kind of psychotherapy shown to be†efficacious in a variety of psychological/psychiatric problems and disorders.

The therapeutic process consists of several phases. We will begin with a diagnostic phase, in which you will fill in questionnaires and answer questions about your symptoms and situation. I will give you information on the diagnosis and we will develop an individual model of disease together. In the next phase we will start to focus on specific aspects of your symptoms and the behavior you want to change. In the last phase of the therapy we will focus on relapse prevention and actualize the strategies you have learnt.

I work in an individualized manner, meaning that I try to choose the methods you can benefit from. I hereby use approaches like mindfulness or schema therapy (Jeffrey Young) for example.†Together we will be in an ongoing process of dialogue, including your feedback and evaluating the steps you have already taken in order to reach your goals and increasing your quality of life.

  • "Delegierte Psychotherapie“ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Adults) in cooperation with†
  • Dr. med. Evelyn Sievers (Basic Health Insurance), Basle
  • Dr. med. Jens Brinken†(Basic Health Insurance), Lausanne
  • Therapeutic Groups,†Basle

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